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BEI Sensors

BEI Sensors

BEI Sensors was founded in 2010 by the merger of BEI Duncan, BEI Industrial Encoders, BEI Ideacod. Their products can also be found in the military and aerospace industry. An extensive product offer, knowledge, experience and technical support for products strengthened their position as a manufacturer.

BEI Duncan has been on the market for over 40 years as a leading manufacturer of linear and rotary position sensors. Using innovative design and specialized materials, their products offer excellent quality and performance. They design sensors for a wide variety of applications: automotive and avionics, consumer products, robotics, instrumentation, and heavy equipment. Second division – BEI Industrial Encoders was established in 1977. The main product range consists of: optical, mechanical and electrical encoders, designed for different environments and comprehensive motion control. They gained the leading position in the market by offering electronic interfaces for application in hazardous areas. BEI Ideacod is the third division which manufactures rotary encoders dedicated to the European market. The company has a number of certificates necessary for European markets.

BEI Sensors specializes in motion and position sensors with individual features for demanding applications. A comprehensive product line includes optical and magnetic rotary encoders, Hall Effect sensors, potentiometers, draw wire sensors, inclinometers (plastic and hybrid), electronic interface modules, wireless modules,  and a range of sensor support products. Specialized products are provided for extreme applications, for corrosive environments, for harsh operating temperatures, exposed to mechanical shocks and vibrations, for wet and dirty conditions and products certified for use in hazardous zones.

For decades, BEI Sensors products have been applicable in everything from elevators through military equipment and oil platforms up to wind turbines. For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s website:



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81201-003 - BEI 9416/076 Connector Country of Origin: USA60011-001 - BEI BX-5-IC/V-IC/V-IC/V-IC Encoder Signal Country of Origin: USA31186-1830 - BEI Cable Country of Origin: USA924-01079-067 - BEI Encoder H25D-SS-10NB-28V/OC-CW-ED25-S Country of Origin: USA
924-01002-7481 - BEI Encoder Country of Origin: USAXH25D-SS-2048 - BEI Encoder Country of Origin: USAHS35F-100-SS-1024-ABZC-28V/V-SM18-S - BEI Encoder, Country of Origin: USA924-01079-153 - BEI Industrial encoder K25-P-H-260-G-X-E-2 Country of Origin: USA
60001-003 - BEI Insulator Country of Origin: USA924-60001-003 - BEI Isolated Barrier Country of Origin: USA81201-046 - BEI Mating connectro M23 12 pinouts 9416/076 Country of Origin: USA81201-020 - BEI RAL-100-001 Cable (EJ-8230/020-10M-9416/004B) Country of Origin: USA
924-01002-8544 - BEI Sensors 28V / V-SM18 Encoder Country of Origin: USA01029-1821 - BEI SENSORS Encoder Country of Origin: USAMS3106F18-1S - BEI SENSORS Plug Country of Origin: USA924-01002-6885 - BEI SENSORS Sensor H25D-SS-2048 Country of Origin: USA
01002-8544 - BEI XH25D-SS-2048-ABZC-4469-SM18 Encoder Country of Origin: USAModel GHM3 - Incremental Rotary EncoderModel GHM4 - Incremental Rotary EncoderModel H20 - Incremental Rotary Encoder
Model DHM5 - Shafted Incremental EncoderModel IBM5 - Intrinsically Safe EncoderModel DXM5 - Stainless Steel Optical EncoderModel GHM5 - Shafted Incremental Encoder
Model H25 - Shafted Incremental EncoderModel GHM9/GXM9 - Incremental Shaft EncoderModel NHM9 - Incremental Shaft EncoderModel IHM9 - Incremental Intrinsically Safe Encoder
Model H38 - Incremental Explosion-Proof EncoderModel H40 - Incremental Shock-Proof EncoderModel GAMX - Incremental Flame-Proof EncoderModel HS20 - Incremental Hollow Shaft Encoder
Model DHO5 - Incremental Hollow Shaft EncoderModel IHO5 - ncremental Intrinsically Safe EncoderModel GHT514 - Incremental Hollow Shaft EncoderModel HS25 - Incremental Hollow Shaft Encoder
Model HS35 - Incremental Hollow Shaft EncoderModel HS35 - Incremental Drawworks EncoderModel GHU9 - Incremental Hollow Shaft EncodeModel NHU9 - Incremental Hollow Shaft Encoder
Model CHM5 - Absolute Shaft EncoderModel H25X - Absolute Shaft EncoderModel CHM9 - Absolute Shaft EncoderModel H38 - Absolute Explosion Proof Encoder
Model H40 - Absolute Shock Proof EncoderModel CAMX - Absolute Flame Proof EncoderModel CHO5 - Absolute Hollow Shaft EncoderModel HS35 - Absolute Hollow Shaft Encoder
Model CHU9 - Absolute Hollow Shaft EncoderModel CAUX - Absolute Hollow Shaft EncoderModel HS35 - Absolute Through Shaft EncoderModel PHM5 - Absolute Hollow Shaft Encoder
Model MHM5 - Absolute Hollow Shaft EncoderModel HMT25 - Absolute Multi-Turn EncoderModel PHM9 - Absolute Shaft EncoderModel PHO5 - Absolute Hollow Shaft Encoder
Model PHU9 - Absolute Hollow Shaft EncoderModel PAUX - Absolute Hollow Shaft EncoderModel MHK5 - Absolute Hollow Shaft EncoderModel H20 - Express Encoder
Model H25 - Express EncoderModel HS25 - Express EncoderModel HS35 - Express Encoder7,349,821 - Programmable Resolution Encoder
6,789,041 - Programmable Resolution Encoder7,336,756 - Programmable Resolution EncoderDSM5H - Rotary Encoders for Functional SafetyDSM5X - Rotary Encoders for Functional Safety
DSO5H - Rotary Encoders for Functional SafetyDSM9H - Rotary Encoders for Functional SafetyDSM9X - Rotary Encoders for Functional SafetyDSU9H - Rotary Encoders for Functional Safety
DSU9X - Rotary Encoders for Functional SafetyModel HHM3 - Magnetic EncodersModel HHM5 - Magnetic EncodersModel HHMX - Low Profile Explosion Proof & Flameproof
Model HHUX - Low Profile Explosion Proof & FlameproofModel HHK5 - Magnetic EncodersModel HHKX - Low Profile Explosion Proof & FlameproofModel AHM3 - Magnetic Encoders
Model AHM5 - Magnetic EncodersModel AHK3 - Magnetic EncodersModel THM4 - Magnetic EncodersModel TXM4 - Magnetic Encoders
Model THM5 - Magnetic EncodersModel TXM5 - Magnetic EncodersModel THK4 - Magnetic EncodersModel THK5 - Magnetic Encoders
Model 9360 - Hall Effect Rotary SensorsModel 9970 - Hall Effect Rotary SensorsModel 8360 - Hall Effect Rotary SensorsModel 9960 - Hall Effect Rotary Sensors
Model HCW4 - Hall Effect Rotary SensorsModel ACW4 - Hall Effect Rotary SensorsModel TCW4 - Hall Effect Rotary Sensors5320 Series - Rotary Potentiometers
9850/9860 Series - Rotary Potentiometers3200 - 4700 Series - Rotary Potentiometers2200 - 2800 Series - Rotary Potentiometers1200 - 1800 Series - Rotary Potentiometers
600 Series - Linear Potentiometers700 Series - Linear Potentiometers6300 Series - Linear Potentiometers6400 Series - Linear Potentiometers
9600 Series - Linear PotentiometersLT25 - Linear Cable TransducerCDB - Draw Wire SensorsCD050 - Draw Wire Sensors
CD080 - Draw Wire SensorsCD150 - Draw Wire SensorsCDS18 - Draw Wire SensorsCD046 - Draw Wire Sensors
CD060 - Draw Wire SensorsCD115 - Draw Wire SensorsCDS12 - Draw Wire SensorsOptical Isolator Interface Module - Optical Isolator Interface Module
Intrinsic Safety Barrier - Intrinsic Safety BarrierDual Encoder to USB Converter Module - Dual Encoder to USB Converter ModuleAnti-Dither Module - Anti-Dither ModuleDivide-By Module - Divide-By Module
Serial to Parallel Converter Module - Serial to Parallel Converter ModuleEncoder Signal Broadcaster Module - Encoder Signal Broadcaster ModuleSA100R Rotary Digital Display (DRO) - SA100R Rotary Digital Display (DRO)SA100 Linear Digital Display (DRO) - SA100 Linear Digital Display (DRO)
SA100 - Linear Digital DisplaySA100R - Rotary Digital Display60011-001 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster60011-010 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster
60011-003 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster60011-022 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster60011-015 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster60011-050 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster
60011-031 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster60011-025 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster60011-004 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster60011-048 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster
60011-049 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster60011-051 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster60011-002 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster60011-041 - Sensor Signal Broadcaster
60011-052 - Sensor Signal BroadcasterCouplings - Mechanical Hardware for EncodersMeasuring Wheel - Mechanical Hardware for EncodersThermoplastic Adapter and NEMA 34/42 - Mechanical Hardware for Encoders
Protective Cover - Mechanical Hardware for Encoders5PY - Mechanical Hardware for EncodersHi-Load Bearing Assemblies - Mechanical Hardware for EncodersNEMA 23 - Mechanical Hardware for Encoders
NEMA 56 - Mechanical Hardware for EncodersM20 8-bit Assembly - Cable and Cable Assemblies for EncodersM14/19 Assembly - Cable and Cable Assemblies for EncodersM18 Assembly - Cable and Cable Assemblies for Encoders
M16 Assembly - Cable and Cable Assemblies for EncodersM14 Assembly - Cable and Cable Assemblies for EncodersM12 Assembly - Cable and Cable Assemblies for EncodersMulti-Conductor Cable - Cable and Cable Assemblies for Encoders
Differential Twisted Pair Cable - Cable and Cable Assemblies for EncodersMS3106F14S-6S - M14 ConnectorMS3106F16S-1S - M16 ConnectorMS3106F18-1S - M18 Connector
MS3106F20-29S - M20 ConnectorMS3116J14-19S - M14/19 ConnectorMS3116F16-26S - M16/26 ConnectorMS3116F18-32S - M18/32 Connector