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GODA is a company that specializes in high class ultrasonic and radar level instrumentation, which have wide measurement range, flexible working temperature, and high sensitivity.

GODA Ultrasonic level instruments are applied for continuous and remote level measurement for liquids and solids. The principle of measurement is that ultrasonic pulses are transmitted with very high frequency. Depending on model version, measurement is made in intervals 0,25-4m, 0,4-8m, or 0,5-15m.

GODA Radar level instruments are dedicated to continuous and non-contacting level measurement for aggressive liquid, solid materials (in containers up to 70m), in low electromagnetic permeability and hazardous conditions and liquids with very high temperatures and pressures. Moreover, the offer of radar level transmitters includes models with waveguide, IP68 class, self-cleaning and working in dangerous conditions.


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Kod produktu - Nazwa produktuGDRD55 - Pulse Radar Level InstrumentGDRD56 - Pulse Radar Level InstrumentGDRD57 - Pulse Radar Level Instrument
GDRD58 - Pulse Radar Level InstrumentGDRD59 - Pulse Radar Level InstrumentGDRD51 - Pulse Radar Level InstrumentGDRD52 - Pulse Radar Level Instrument
GDRD53 - Pulse Radar Level InstrumentGDRD54 - Pulse Radar Level InstrumentGDGW51 - Level Measurement Guided Wave RadarGDGW52 - Level Measurement Guided Wave Radar
GDGW53 - Level Measurement Guided Wave RadarGDGW54 - Level Measurement Guided Wave RadarGDGW55 - Level Measurement Guided Wave RadarGDGW56 - Level Measurement Guided Wave Radar
GDSL53S - Ultrasonic Level Instrument (Remote Verrsion)GDSL53M - Ultrasonic Level Instrument (Remote Verrsion)GDSLAIM - Ultrasonic Level Instrument (Remote Verrsion)GDSL551 - Ultrasonic Level Instrument (Compact ) Two-wire
GDSL552 - Ultrasonic Level Instrument (Compact ) Two-wireGDSL553 - Ultrasonic Level Instrument (Compact ) Two-wireGDSF11 - Solid Flow InstrumentGDSF12 - Solid Flow Instrument
GDUSN - Ultrasonic Level Switch/ Microwave Flow SwitchGDUSE - Ultrasonic Level Switch/ Microwave Flow SwitchGDUSS - Ultrasonic Level Switch/ Microwave Flow SwitchGDAS51 - RF Admittance Level Switch
GDAS52 - RF Admittance Level Switch