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Sencon –

About Sencon

The history of the American company Sencon began in 1976 when a group of engineers founded a company focused on designing and manufacturing of sensors and devices for manufacturing processes control for manufacturers of metal packaging. For the last 40 years on the market, the product range has been continuously expanded and the company has been providing solutions in the field of research, inspection and surveying systems for all aspects of the production of cans and related products. Sencon has production facilities in Bedford Park (USA), Droitwich (United Kingdom), service and sales office in Hong Kong (China) and distributors worldwide. The Sencon devices check about a billion cans a day.

Sencon products

Product portfolio includes several groups of devices tailored to specific processes that occur during the production of metal packaging, among which we distinguish Sencon line control sensors such as:

Canline Sensors 11P/H-/345/347/340-03

Can Count Sensors 11P/H-370/371/372-06

Can Filling Line Sensors, 11PH-330,340,341-XX series

LMS sensors for speed control on canmaking lines (Linear Mass Sensors, LMS2400-XX-UC) and AMS sensors (Area Mass Sensors, AMS300/600/1200/2400) for regulating a variable speed drive on the cupping press and adjusting the rate of press strokes based on cup demand

– Alphanumeric displays Series 90G (90-9002-G) to display information regarding the status of the machine

Regarding machine control Sencon offers products such as:

287 Series sensors (Short Can Sensors, including 9-247/267-287-03, 11-247/267/287-03) and BCM500 control module for bodymakers

Metal discrimination sensors detecting can-on-mandrel (Can on Mandrel Sensors, 11-2XX-03-P5 series)

Compact sensors detecting that all cups have dropped and cleared the die area (Die Protection Sensors, 9-27X-03 Series) and sensors for applications in harsh environments (High-Performance Sensors, 9/11-X5X-03 series)

Sencon offer includes also solutions improving systems for paint coating, such as a series LST (Spray Timing Systems Spray Timing System Upgrades), high speed solenoid drivers (Series 213) and an optical spray/paint control system (Internal Spray Inspection, Spray Detector SC7050) checking the quality of coating and rejecting any spray system problems. Next, you will find data recorders for optimizing the operation of curing ovens (Oven Logger, SL2101, SL2200) and for sheet/wicket ovens on 3-piece canmaking lines (SL2300, SL2400) as well as:

– Leak testers in the form of a universal light tester ULTP,

– Light tester ELTP (End Light Tester Package) and microleakage tester MLT.

Saturation monitor (CTM Color Track Monitor) and label verifier (LVC180 Label Verifier) are another devices for production process control as well as a wide range of coating raters/verifiers:

– Automatic Master Series System,

– Semi-automatic (SI9100 Enamel Rater) with interchangeable parts in the form of stands (SI9108 and SI9008) and adapters (SI9019T, SI9020TM).

– MEER rater (SI9208) dedicated for testing many sizes of can lids

Other testing devices are:

– Automatic optical system for measuring wall thickness (internal and external) Master Series

– Stationary optical semi-automatic thickness meter (internal and external) SI6700 Benchmark Series

– Semi-automatic side wall thickness meter, coating thickness and weight SI9600 with probes (HoverProbe SI9650, Formed Tube/Aerosol Probe SI9560, Formed Can Probe SI9507+)

– SC8800 gauge for non-contact rating of wet enamel layer

– Tester SI6100 for can strength and structural integrity and for SI6300 axial load gauge

Devices mentioned here is only a part of a wide range of Sencon products, to learn more about complete product portfolio, we encourage you to contact us or visit Sencon website at the address indicated below:

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11-267-03 - SENCON Sensor11H-387-S1 - SENCON Sensor11P-345-03 - SENCON Sensor11P/H-347-03 - SENCON Sensor
213-10413-21 - SENCON ASSY, RESOLV CARD, DUAL FREQ213-10514-01 - SENCON ASSY, I/O CARD, GENERAL PURPOSE213-10563-05 - SENCON Solenoid driver213-40378-22 - SENCON Power supply 120 VAC
301-26703-10 - SENCON Short Can Sensor308-40370-03 - SENCON Control Unit BCM387-WR325-50502-10 - SENCON OEM DET HD, GEN 2, 8 PIN706-05014-20 - SENCON Cable
9-267-03-10 - SENCON Sensor 3019-267-03-SS - SENCON Sensor9-278-03 - SENCON Sensor9-330-03-SS - SENCON Sensor
9-340-03-SS - SENCON Sensor9H-387-56 - SENCON Sensor w/lead 6mBCM387-WR - SENCON RelayBCM500 - SENCON Module
SD5042-DI - SENCON Solenoid driver11P/H-330-03 - Canline Sensor11P/H-335-03 - Canline Sensor11P/H-336-03 - Canline Sensor
11P/H-337-03 - Canline Sensor9-330-03 - Canline Sensor9-335-03 - Canline Sensor9-336-03 - Canline Sensor
9-337-03 - Canline Sensor11P/H-330-05 - Canline Sensor9-340-03 - Canline Sensor9-345-03 - Canline Sensor
9-346-03 - Canline Sensor9-347-03 - Canline Sensor11P/H-340-05 - Canline Sensor11P/H-341-05 - Canline Sensor
11P/H-340-03 - Canline Sensor11P/H-345-03 - Canline Sensor11P/H-346-03 - Canline Sensor11P/H-347-03 - Canline Sensor
9-340-03 - Canline Sensor9-345-03 - Canline Sensor9-346-03 - Canline Sensor9-347-03 - Canline Sensor
11P/H-340-05 - Canline Sensor11P/H-341-05 - Canline Sensor11P/H-340-03 - Canline Sensor11P/H-345-03 - Canline Sensor
11P/H-346-03 - Canline Sensor11P/H-347-03 - Canline Sensor11P/H-370-06 - Can Count sensor - Can diameter range 201/52mm to 207.5/62mm11P/H-371-06 - Can Count sensor - Can diameter range 207.5/62mm to 306/86mm
11P/H-372-06 - Can Count sensor - Can diameter range 306/86mm to 607/164mm90-9002-G - Alphanumeric DisplayLMS2400-XX-UC - Linear Mass SensorAMS2400 - Area Mass Sensor for conveyors
AMS300 - Area Mass Sensor for oily environmentsAMS600 - Area Mass Sensor for oily environmentsAMS1200 - Area Mass Sensor for ‘wash-down’ applications11H-330-03 - Filling Line Sensor
11H-340-03 - Filling Line Sensor11P-330-05-SS - Filling Line Sensor11P-340-05-SS - Filling Line Sensor11P-341-05-SS - Filling Line Sensor
9-247-03 - Short Can Sensor for Aluminum can over Steel punch11-247-03 - Short Can Sensor for Aluminum can over Steel punch9-267-03 - Short Can Sensor for Steel can over Carbide punch11-267-03 - Short Can Sensor for Steel can over Carbide punch
9-287-03 - Short Can Sensor for Aluminum can over Magnetic Carbide punch11-287-03 - Short Can Sensor for Aluminum can over Magnetic Carbide punch9-287-53 - Short Can Sensor for Aluminum can over Non-magnetic Carbide punch11-287-53 - Short Can Sensor for Aluminum can over Non-magnetic Carbide punch
BCM500 - Bodymaker Control Module11-247-03-P5 - Sensor for aluminum can on steel mandrel11-267-03-P5 - Sensor for steel can on carbide mandrel11-251-03-P5 - Sensor for aluminum and steel damaged can
9-275-03 - Die Protection Sensor (Die Shoe Mouting)9-278-03 - Die Protection Sensor (Guide Rail Mounting)9-251-03 - High Performance Sensor11-251-03 - High Performance Sensor
9-352-03 - High Performance SensorLST - Spray Timing System213 - High Speed Solenoid DriverSC7050 - Spray Detector
SL2200 - Oven LoggerSL2101 - Oven LoggerSL2300 - Oven Logger for 3-piece Canmaking LinesSL2400 - Oven Logger for 3-piece Canmaking Lines
ULTP - Universal Light Tester PackageELTP - End Light Tester PackageMLT - Micro Leak TesterCTM - Color Track Monitor
LVC180 - Label VerifierSI9100 - Enamel RaterSI9008 - Beverage Can StandSI9108 - General Can Stand
SI9019T - End Adapter for Enamel RaterSI9020TM - End Adapter for Enamel RaterSI9020AV - Standard End AdapterSI9019 - Large End Adapter
SI9208 - MEER Multi End Enamel RaterSI6700 - Optical Coatings Thickness GaugeSI9600 - Coating Thickness Gauge/Film Weight Gauge/Film Thickness GaugeSI9650 - Hover Probe
SI9560 - Formed Tube/Aerosol ProbeSI9507+ - Formed Can ProbeSC8800 - Online Wet Film Weight / Wet Coatings Thickness GaugeSI6500 - Front End Gauge / Trimmed Can Gauge
SI6100 - Buckle GaugeSI6300 - Axial Load GaugeSI6400 - Dome Reform GaugeSC240 - Tab Verifier
9-360-51SS - Flat Belt End Conveyor Sensor11R-360-51SS - Flat Belt End Conveyor SensorSC5400 - End Counter / Splitter SystemA4-403 - Bagging Count System for Beverage Ends
EPG-vitesse - End Progression Gauge