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Siemens is a global company that includes such divisions like P ower G eneration , Automation of  P roduction Processes , Power T ransmission & Power Distribution with Smart Grid of network solutions.


Siemens has developed a new innovative management platform for equipment and products supply process – Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) . Open architecture of the system covers the entire production process and offers maximum cooperation in all components of Industrial Automation . This is possible through consistent data management, global standards and unified interfaces for hardware and software. These common features allow you to minimize the time for design. As a result, we get lower production costs, faster implementation of new projects and greater flexibility on the market.


As manufacturer Siemens offers a full range of services, products and solutions, from products intended for direct sale, comprehensive solutions for I ndustry . Basic offer brings complete solutions for Power Generation , Control , Production M anagement and F acilit y Maintenance .


Siemens is the market leader for industry solutions , mainly in the Programmable Controllers area. The whole family of S7 controllers applies the latest trends in  Automation of p roduction processes .


Siemens has an  Automation Division , offering products from SIMATIC, SIRIUS series, Process measurement and data transmission and Safety Integrated . All divisions take part in process of component integration into one complex machine. So we have products such as Siemens HMI panels, SIMATIC controllers, SIRIUS contactors. The key element of a machine is a controller, which is why the Siemens Company provides comprehensive solutions like SIMATIC Controllers.


Automation Systems

Automation Systems

Drive Technologies

Drive Technologies

Power distribution, Modular and Control systems

Power distribution, Modular and Control systems

Simatic Net Industrial Communication

Simatic Net Industrial Communication